Sunday, July 17, 2011

Because 1/2 Matters

A few weeks ago we went to Salem Ponds so I could do some 4 year old pictures of Cooper, Yes it is really late because he turned 4 in January but I was living at my dads helping him, and then with all that went on those few months and then a week after his funeral we bought a house and packed up and moved to Springville, So yes I am a slacker but better late than never.
We started out playing on the swing set and then throwing rocks in the water and buy the time we were done, Well you can see he was neck high in the pond. I love these pictures every one shows exactly how he is, The funny faces he makes, The random stuff that he does like in one picture he is shooting ducks as they fly over, and the sweet smile he (usually) has.
Cooper made me very well aware tho when I was taking his pictures that he is NOT 4 he is 4 1/2 I remember the days when Half mattered so much, so make sure you remember too! We sure love ya Coop. You keep us on our toes and you are the best thing that has happened to our family!

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Tyler and Erin said...

Darling Darling Pics!!! He looks so so grown up! What a handsome little guy.