Monday, August 1, 2011

Today was not so bad after all

After a long night of no sleeping and lots of prayers, I woke up and headed north to the hospital. We got to chit chat for about an hour and then he had to go to a room where we spend a little more time all of us together. A little while later they came in and said it was time to take him back, We told him we loved him and that we would see him in a few hour, Crossing our fingers we weren't lying to him. I could hardly breath the knot in my throat was so big, I held back the tears and walked away... A few hours later... way more than the 2 1/2 they said it would be, the Doctor came out, He had a blank stare and I could not read him, I was so worried about the words that were about to come out of his mouth... I Prayed over and over and over almost forgetting to focus on what he was saying. But then the magic words. EVERYTHING WENT FINE, He will be in his room in about 30 min and you can see him! WHAT! what a fighter! was to beat the 1 in 3 odds.
The kidney had cancer on it but it had not spread and his heart stayed strong, We went to him room 30 min later and about 10 min after that they brought him in. We got him to wake up a little and talk.
Thank you for your prayers and thoughts today, We have had a great deal of support. thank you everyone for the phone calls and text messages and prayers we are all so grateful

August 1 you still are not a day that I like to think about, But you did make it have another meaning today.

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Tyler and Erin said...

So very happy to hear.